Select Outline Color

Select Outline Width

Thanks for using PrettyTimely...You've made a smart decision! There's a lot to explore, and we've prepared a brief Tour to introduce you to the basics. You'll have your first design done in no time!

This is where you can add text sections. Three standard sizes are available from small to large, but you can always change this.

Once you have added text, you can easily change the font style, size, color and alignment.

You can also save commonly used text so it's available to add to other templates.

You can add different shapes and resize them however you wish. Use a combination of shapes to create unique designs.

You can adjust the color and also select if you want to outline the shape in a different color (and how thick you want the outline to be.) You can even make the shape transparent and leave just the outline around it.

Select either a solid color or image. Background Scale is used to zoom in or out on a background image.

Here's where you can upload your own images or use our stock photos in your template. Remember, if you intend to send your design to a printer, you should only use high quality (300 DPI resolution) images in your design.


These buttons are located the top of the editor next to the Download button. If you made a mistake, you can quickly undo it.

Replace Image

This makes it easy for you to swap out the default image with one of your own, or to update one of your existing templates with new photos. When you replace an image, it maintains the same proportions as the image that was there before. You can zoom in or out or shift it around within that same space so it's positioned just how you want it.

Zoom In/Out and Shift Up/Down/Left/Right

If you add an image and want to get closer up and crop it, you can zoom in. Then use the Shift functions to move it around within the space.

Lock/Unlock Object

If you don't want to accidentally move an object out of place, lock it and it will stay put.

Clone Object

Creates a duplicate copy of the selected object.

Send Backward/Forward

If elements are overlapping, this moves the selected object behind or in front of the other.

Flip Horizontally

Reverses an object, like looking at a mirror image.

Flip Vertically

Takes an object and flips it on it's head.


Makes the object more transparent (see through).

Cut, Copy, Paste

If you'd like to cut, copy, and paste an element anywhere in the canvas area, simply select the object or group of objects and right click. A context menu will open and you can select all elements, cut, copy, or paste. When pasting an element or group of elements, they will be inserted in the same position as the cut or copied elements.

This is the fun part. You've made the customizations to your Template, now it's time to print.

Printing at Home or in the Office

For Templates 8 1/2" x 11" or smaller, Printing at Home or in the Office is a perfect option. Here are some tips.

  • Be sure the document prints at 100% (in the print settings). Sometimes "Scale to fit" will automatically be selected.
  • Test print one to make sure your print settings are correct before printing many copies.
  • The colors seen on your monitor may vary slightly when printed on paper. Test print one copy first and adjust the colors on the Template is necessary.

Using a Printer

You also have the option of taking your PDF file to a print shop and getting it professionally printed. Any print shop should be able to handle the PDF file. The PDF file is 300dpi which is the standard for professional printing.


Your intended use of the Template will ultimately determine what kind of paper you print it on but in general we recommend printing on 80lb card stock. There are different weights of paper available to suit your needs.

When you are a paying subscriber, you have the ability to download your design to email, share or print it.

You can save it as a high resolution PDF which is more suitable for printing or as a JPG which is better for emailing and sharing online. You can also choose to add crop marks, making it easier to trim if necessary. This also is useful for printing companies that may require extra space around the edged called "bleed."

You can also share your designs with the unique link we provide, or automatically on the popular social channels. PrettyTimely has a built-in contact form so after you share your designs, prospects can send you an inquiry directly from the page! This makes your designs an amazing lead generation tool.

Still have questions or need assistance with a design? Our fanatical customer support would love to help. Please email and submit a support request

Please be patient as your account uploads all your designs when you are loading the PrettyTimely first time. This will happen on any new computers you use